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IP Investigation

Ananda IP provides investigation services in Thailand and through partner firms in Asia including China.

Our assistance to clients and other law firms includes principally the following scope of services:

  • IP due diligence and background checks including financial investigation, evaluation of IP assets/vulnerability of target companies;
  • identification of individuals/companies that have committed a breach of our client’s IP rights;
  • identification and localisation of source of manufacture and distribution channels of counterfeit products;
  • market surveys and monitoring to allow early detection of counterfeit products and seizures;'
  • pre-raid and pre-litigation advice including legal research to check validity of the claims.

Our investigators aim at tracking counterfeit products to their source, which often leads to cross-border investigations or need to coordinate which various enforcement agencies to allow simultaneous actions and results.

Ananda IP has established a code of conduct and is very careful to ensure that our methods fully comply with all relevant laws and procedures.

In the recent years we have successfully led investigations and enforced several of our client’s IP rights such as trademarks (cosmetic and food products) and copyright (software, applied art).