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Management Team

franck fougere - Managing Partner

franck fougere

Managing Partner

Franck has practiced intellectual property in Thailand for over 16 years. He founded Ananda IP in 2011 with the objective of building Thailand’s best boutique IP firm. Recognized as one of Thailand’s leading IP specialists, Franck’s practice areas include trademark and patent prosecution, trademark strategy, copyright and patent litigation, anti-counterfeit strategy, and IP contracts.

In addition to servicing several high-profile, multinational corporations from Europe, China, Japan, the USA, India, UAE and Southeast Asia, Franck is also a frequent speaker on cutting-edge IP issues at professional symposiums and conferences. A recognized expert, Franck is a regular lecturer in patent, trademark, and design law for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and a teacher of WIPO’s Distance Learning program. He is an advisor to the European Union (ECAP & EU/ASEAN IPR Helpdesk), to the Swiss Government (ISIP I and ISIP II), and to the French government on IP issues. Franck has authored numerous expert studies and articles, including two IP guides for Thailand published in 2011 and 2013. Franck is also a former President of the Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce (2009-2011), and an active member of APAA Emerging IP Rights Committee. In 2013, Franck Fougere received the ILO Client Choice award for best patent practitioner in Thailand. Legal 500 and Asia Law has recognized him as a Leading Lawyer since 2004. In 2015, Franck was appointed as Foreign Trade Advisor (Conseiller du Commerce Exterieur de la France) by the French government.

Franck graduated from Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Strasbourg) in France and College of Europe (Bruges) in Belgium and trained at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. He trained at an international law firm in Brussels before moving to Thailand in 2002. Franck is fluent in French, German, and English, and intermediate in Russian and Thai.

Dr. Benjapol Kongsombut

dr. benjapol kongsombut

Head of Patent Department

Benjapol is the head of Ananda IP’s Patent Department. A registered Thai patent agent with close to 10 years of patent/design patent prosecution experience, Benjapol has represented a broad range of clients both domestically and abroad, from individual business owners to publicly traded companies.

Prior to joining Ananda IP, Benjapol worked as a patent agent at a large law firm in Thailand where he acquired valuable experience on patent prosecution, patent litigation, and valuation. At Ananda IP, Benjapol is responsible for managing the firm’s patent practice and overseeing the development of patent, design patent, and petty patent work in the firm. Benjapol's practice focuses preliminarily in the areas of patent procurement, opinions, due diligence, valuation and litigation.

Benjapol holds a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rangsit University. Benjapol was a research assistant at Tokyo University in 2006-2008. Recognized as one of Thailand’s leading patent practitioners, Benjapol recently obtained a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law from the Lawyers Council of Thailand. Benjapol speaks Thai and English.

danai triamchanchuchai

danai triamchanchuchai


An experienced lawyer, Danai has an extensive experience in Thai and business law. His areas of expertise include trademark, contracts and corporate law. Danai serves both local and multinational companies and is a founding partner of Orbis, a well-established corporate law firm with offices in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, and Singapore. Danai serves as a key advisor of Ananda IP on trademarks and contracts.

Danai is a graduate of Chulalongkorn University and a member of Thailand’s Law Society. Danai joined Ananda IP as Partner in 2011.

IP Litigation Team

Nuttakorn Sorakun

nuttakorn sorakun

Head of IP Litigation Practice

Nuttakorn is a senior litigator with over 10 years’ professional experience. He has advised Thai and foreign clients on corporate, labor, immigration and commercial law. He has also an extensive experience in IP litigation and dispute resolution related to trademarks, copyright and patents.

Nuttakorn obtained his bachelor’s of law from Assumption University in 2006 and has been a member of the Law Society of Thailand since 2008, and a Notarial Services Attorney since 2009. Nuttakorn speaks Thai and English.

arunothai aussawasurarerk

arunothai aussawasurarerk

Senior IP Litigator

Arunothai is a barrister and senior litigator at Ananda IP with over 10 years’ experience as a legal consultant and litigator. Arunothai is an expert in litigation and handles both civil and criminal cases including patent, trademark, copyright infringement, and computer crimes litigation.

Arunothai focuses on complex IP litigation disputes, in particular patent and trademark infringement in Thailand. Alongside the Ananda IP investigation team, Arunothai coordinates raid and customs actions. She also works closely with Thai Police and Thai Customs.

Arunothai graduated from Ramkhumhaeng University in 2006. She also obtained a certificate in Intellectual Property Law from the Lawyers Council of Thailand and is Notarial Services Attorney. Arunothai speaks Thai and English.

Thanyaluk Angsupankosol

thanyaluk angsupankosol

Trademark & IP Litigation Attorney

Thanyaluk is a practicing attorney specializing in intellectual property, technology, media, telecommunications, and information technology law. A qualified lawyer since 2013, Thanyaluk works in the trademark department on trademark registrations, trademark clearance searches, and trademark prosecutions.

Thanyaluk obtained a master’s degree in Computer and Communications Law from Queen Mary University of London. She received her bachelor’s degree in law from Thammasat University in 2010, with emphasis on civil and commercial law. Thanyaluk is a member of the Society for Computers and Law (SCL), Thai Bar Association, and the Lawyers Council of Thailand. Thanyaluk speaks Thai and English.

Patent & Trademark Attorneys

patthawarat jungjinjaroen

patthawarat jungjinjaroen

Senior IP Administrator and Trademark Attorney

Patthawarat has been practicing intellectual property for close to 20 years. Patthawarat’s experience includes 8 years’ work as an IP administrator and 10 years’ work as in-house legal consultant. Patthawarat obtained a Patent Agent License in 2004, is an expert in handling intellectual property applications, and is well versed in the procedures of the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand.

Patthawarat graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Law and a Master Degree of Art in Human Resources Development from Ramkhamhaeng University. He speaks Thai and English.

Poom Kerdsang

poom kerdsang

Patent Attorney

Poom is a patent attorney responsible for preparing and filing domestic and international patent applications, conducting patent searches, and other tasks regarding patent prosecution.

Poom graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree from Chulalongkorn University, majoring in business law. A former intern of the Patent section of Thailand’s Intellectual Property Department, Poom has much experience filing and prosecuting patents in Thailand and abroad.

Prior to joining Ananda IP, Poom worked as a legal officer in a mechanical engineering company, drafting and reviewing business contracts. Poom speaks Thai and English.

thutchanan traiwongpaisarn

thutchanan traiwongpaisarn

Patent Attorney

Thutchanan is a patent attorney responsible for preparing and filing domestic and international patent applications, conducting patent searches, and other tasks regarding patent prosecution.

Thutchanan also works in IP litigation department related to patents. He advises Thai and foreign clients on intellectual property law, commercial law including criminal and civil dispute resolution.

Thutchanan obtained his LL.B. with First Class Honors from Chulalongkorn University and a member of the Lawyers Council of Thailand since 2016. He has completed Thai Barrister-at-Law requirements in 2017. He speaks Thai and English.

kritchakorn nimwenai

kritchakorn nimwenai

Patent and Trademark Attorney

Kritchakorn handles and prosecutes procedures for international and local trademark and patent applications. He also advises on strategies and courses of actions for both contentious and non-contentious intellectual property related matters. Kritchakorn is a licensed attorney and Patent Agent.

Kritchakorn studied business law at Chulalongkorn University, where he graduated from 2014. Prior to joining Ananda IP in 2015, Kritchakorn worked at another top-tier IP law firm in Thailand, where he was in charge of prosecuting international trademarks and patents. Kritchakorn speaks English, Thai, and intermediate German.

nadege parfait

nadege parfait

IP Consultant

Nadege is a French and European Trademark Attorney accredited before the French (INPI) and European Trademark Office (EUIPO). She obtained a Master Degree in Intellectual Property Law from Montpellier University in France. As a former Partner of a leading French IP firm, she has over 15 years’ professional experience handling French and European trademark and designs applications. Nadege is also an expert in IP litigation and creator of IP Transfer?, an online market place for trading IP rights. Based in Paris, Nadege is fluent in French and English.

Kassinee Khantiviriyat

kassinee khantiviriya

Trademark Attorney

Kassinee has several years’ experience in intellectual property and business law. Her prior experience as a corporate lawyer provides her a deeper understanding of corporate clients’ needs. Kassinee handles and prosecutes procedures for international and local trademark applications.

Kassinee studied law at Bangkok University, where she graduated in 2013. She speaks Thai and English.

rujapa prakongsri

rujapa prakongsri

Trademark Attorney

Rujapa is a Thai trademark attorney with sound experience in trademark prosecution. She handles mostly domestic trademark applications of our clients, carries out trademark availability searches, prepare appeals and responses to objections from Thai trademark office and oppositions from third parties. Prior to joining Ananda Intellectual Property, Rujapa worked with another intellectual property law firm in Thailand.

Rujapa graduated from Thammasat University. She speaks English, Thai, intermediate French, and intermediate Norwegian.

wanwisa akkawibul

wanwisa akkawibul

Trademark Attorney

Wanwisa’s experiences include intellectual property litigation, in particular trademark and patent litigation. Prior to joining Ananda Intellectual Property, Wanwisa gained significant experience with another IP firm handling filing of appeals and cancellation actions before Thai Trademark. Wanwisa also assists with contract review and contract drafting and has experience with crowdfunding strategies. She currently assists our firm with domestic and international trademark applications.

Wanwisa graduated from Thammasat University and speaks Thai and English.

worawit nitiborrirak

worawit nitiborrirak

Trademark Attorney

Worawit’s experiences include work on intellectual property and litigation, an internship at the Administrative Court of Thailand, and as a teacher’s assistant to a professor at Thammasat University’s Faculty of Law. Worawit handles and prosecutes procedures for local trademark applications.

Worawit graduated from Thammasat University, he speaks Thai, English, and intermediate French.

Titapa Chamnithurakarn

titapa chamnithurakarn

Trademark Attorney

Titapa is responsible for filing trademark applications, responding to objections, filing appeals and renewals, and performing trademark searches. Titapa’s experience includes work in IP litigation, corporate matters, and other IP matters.

Titapa graduated with an LL.B. from Prince of Songkhla University. She speaks Thai and English.


Woralux Teansawad

woralux teansawad

Office Manager

Woralux’s experience includes 12 years’ work at a top IP investigation firm in Bangkok. She has experience in assisting lawyers, investigators and raid teams, and experience preparing police and court documents in relation to IP infringement cases.

Woralux joined Ananda IP in 2014 in the position of Office Manager and is responsible for human resources, accounting and overall management of communication between the firm’s departments and attorneys. Woralux graduated from Bangkok University in 2003, and speaks Thai and English.

Thipawan Rattanaton

thipawan rattanaton

Office Manager Assistant

Thipawan Rattanaton graduated from Assumption University in Communication Arts majoring in Advertising. She has two years’ experience in the field of Marketing Communication and Human Resources with well-known companies. Thipawan joined Ananda Intellectual Property in 2016 as an Office Manager Assistant handling docketing of files, accounting tasks and a wide range of administrative support tasks. Thipawan speaks Thai and English.